Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sahel Academy

Oh me oh my, I just had the best time going through the pictures that I have taken over the past 3 years. Sahel Academy has been such a BIG part of our lives.  The kids transitioned to this new place and culture so well….we came mid year in January. The kids were greeted and drawn in immediately. Leaving our lives in  the states was  not an easy decision and there were many unknowns.

We have enjoyed so many experiences and have enjoyed a quality Christian education! Camp outs, Fine Arts festivals, Banquets & Balls, sporting events, Field Day at the BIG national stadium, swim meets, Medieval Fair, silly dress up days, parades, space fair, Stuco events….I could go on and on…PURE JOY! I am sure these pictures will not do it justice, but I will try. So many friends, some have left, some are home on furlough and many are still here….great memories with both teachers and students!

This year has been a different one. As some of you remember, we were flooded out of our school in August. We are currently meeting at an alternate location. This year is different due to a large number of new staff members. So, thankful for each of them and all they add…….so thankful for the teachers and staff that have been here to teach and interact with my kids. Some are still here and some have gone. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Much needs to be done to return to the campus for next year’s school year. Your prayers and support are appreciated. Love you, Sahel Academy, both past and present. This will be one of our hardest goodbyes! Sahel Academy is truly a wonderful place FULL of wonderful people.

Monday, November 26, 2012


It has been about a month since my last entry. What a month it has been! I have been sorting through possessions (again) and continually sorting through thoughts and feelings. I am having a tough time finding the words. I think maybe reminiscing and doing through photos may help me a bit. So, here it goes…..In less than three weeks, our family will leave our familiar happy surroundings here in Niger to start all over again in the Philippines.

Philippine's visit 008

A new place, new culture, new challenges, new people, new new new. I find myself in this weird “in between”.  I am not having trouble getting rid of things, it is the people part that I am struggling with. Really, when I move….it is not the things I am saying goodbye to but the people. My experience here in Niger has been so rich. Yes, it has been very challenging at times, part of me is wondering what I will learn next. It can be a little scary and especially doing it without people I have grown to love and trust here. It still amazes me how fast three years has gone and the wonderful things that have happened here. I  am so thankful for the fruitful experience here that has strengthened our family bonds. I LOVE BEING WITH MY FAMILY.

Philippines Trip - Leron April, 2012 089       Philippine's visit 086

Philippine's visit 107    Philippine's visit 087

L and I spent two weeks in the Philippines. Above starting top left is actually a picture that Leron took in April of the lot. The other three are of our recent trip Meeting the contractors and architect.We found a house, purchased a car, set up  bank account, tried lots of local cuisine, saw some sights and toured the new hospital site.

Seeing  the hospital in it’s raw unfinished form brought back so many memories of our beginnings here in Niger…..we arrived January 2010, with 10 suitcases and our family. I had never been here and this was a huge adventure.

Hospital 004  Hospital 003

New new new. It was just our family. Sights, smells, sounds, nothing was familiar.

dunes and random 081 dunes and random 045

 girafeesaug 028

Hippo Cruise 018 003

020 054

I remember so many people misunderstanding why we were here…..they thought that we represented CARE and we would have to correct…no, “It’s CURE”. There were so many unknowns and I felt like a pioneer. I loved watching the building being completed, learning a new language and observing new customs and tradition.

hospital and Teagues home 014  Hospital in July 013

CURE August art & training 001  CURE August art & training 015

Abdrahamane's Mariage 012  Abdrahamane's Mariage 018

Mostly loved meeting all the people. Learning about them as they learned about me. Discovering new things together and sharing life.

dunes and random 099 our crazy kids 006

first clinic 016    Kanazi w Don & Alex 006

GRAND OPENING 022  This and That in November 001

first clinic 022  HamadouWed 026

004 This and That in November 003

GRAND OPENING 012 1st Thanksgiving in Niger 005

Ferd.Bec 012 cloudskaraziclouds 022

JEE 004 HJumping 014

6thgrade 004 ben13hippomorn 001

CUREChristmas 020 Hippo Cruise 090

Best Morning 042 Feb 2012 093

Patienthostel 009 Thanksgiving 2012 002 

Amazing people from all over, with amazing stories and doing incredible things. I am not just talking about Nigeriens….the expat community is quite diverse and we have also had so many visitors. I am forever changed from rubbing shoulders with ALL of these wonderful people. Okay, little problem trying to pick enough pictures to represent all the people…..did not even tap into the school pictures, another day I will blog exclusively about the school. Not sure I will have enough bandwidth to post!

Philippine's visit 120

Like I said, I feel “in between”, I feel privileged to have even been here at all and now I get to do it all again! Above is the new hospital! Thank you to all of the wonderful people who (whether pictured or not…Niger or Stateside) make my life truly wonderful!!!