Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Continued Progress

We are making definite progress at the Tebow CURE Hospital! These pictures were taken Monday. All of the workers were sleeping or resting…it was noontime. They are hard workers and I did not want people to think, “Hey, all of those guys look like they are slacking!” So, sit back and enjoy the tour of the wonderful progress going on here!

Vision becoming reality


Reception area. Love the stonework

IMG_2647  IMG_2648

Registration area. Administrative hallway

IMG_2643  IMG_2670




Looking out of reception desk towards the pharmacy and ER


Pharmacy (that is our trusty friend, Julius) Green signs ready to point the way

IMG_2649  IMG_2650

Nurses station


4th floor..

IMG_2653  IMG_2655

X ray!


Elevators….one in and waiting for the other…the wrong size car was sent!

IMG_2656  IMG_2668

Social work office and Timmy’s Playroom

IMG_2657   IMG_2658

Multipurpose/ spiritual center. Those rectangular spaces will be dry erase…

IMG_2660  IMG_2661


Railings!!! I am very excited about this addition.


Entrance tot he operating block, still much work to be done there!


Our mascot…no really, the neighbors dog likes CURE and wants to hang out in the wet dirt….


Friday, September 20, 2013

Mogu Mogu

Not sure what to say about this product? I tried the lychee flavor. It was a lychee juice drink with CHUNKS!

IMG_2602  IMG_2603

The chunks……  nata de coco. Hmmmmmm, I guess if you like to chew your drink, it is for you. I do like to try new things though! That is wonderful, but I can’t give the Mogu Mogu the title of “wonderful”, just weird. But who knows? It could definitely grow on me?  I should try some more flavors.

Friday, September 6, 2013

My full Over stimulated brain

I just have so many things swirling in my head. Just all the things I see, things that frustrate, make me laugh, make me cry……a truck FULL of noodles, a tag on a garment reading “wash this when dirty” (ah yeah, thanks for that ground breaking guidance), U turn upon U Turns, flooded streets, shanties, beautiful cars/ homes, roadside fruit that looks like it could be used as a weapon (all spiky), international news that makes my heart break….Egypt, Syria….too many to mention, stories of answered prayer and incredible faith, and of course tons of trivial things like say billboards so bright they could blind you, pest extermination, that lil red puppy who is always up to something, communication woes, earthquakes (feeling the subtle swaying of the house), 7 speeding fire trucks, lightening and some of the most amazing clouds I have ever seen. I have just been doing a lot of pondering, when I see all of this. Some days I am so tired of just thinking….. of just seeing things that I can’t believe. This is such a place of highs and lows. Opulence and poverty. Thought maybe writing some down would clear my brain a bit.

Last night Leron and I sat out on our porch marveling at the amazing light show as we had one of the biggest storms since we arrived. We both love storms. I have always loved lightening and am always amazed by it. But as I sat there on my little covered porch enjoying the lil bit of rain mist on my face (it actually felt like we were on the Maid of the Most at Niagara) I could not help to think of the people who would not be enjoying this. Just a few miles away, there would be flooding and devastation. Up down Up down……good things, bad things, funny things, sad things…Now I am starting to sound like Dr Suess! I have been feeling a bit down as I hear of things going on in Niger. A few notes from precious friends….sharing hardship and trial as well as triumphs and joy. Might sound crazy to “miss” what is going on especially when it is hard things, but I do. I feel a bit helpless, wanting to help. I know I am exactly where I need to be but right now my heart is in Africa where a dear friend is getting married today. This transition in life continues….for all of us. I just want to make the most of it, finding the wonderful things, pondering, crying, sharing in the hard things. Life IS good and wonderful, just not easy. And easy is soooo relative. I am thankful for each new day and the breath in my lungs….what a journey.