Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sand Tables

I am a total sucker for anything that allows me to play. I have been wanting a sand table for the kids at Tebow Cure Hospital  ever since we opened. Maybe it is due to the fact that CURE Niger was in the Sahel and there was sand EVERYWHERE?  Maybe it is because I find it incredibly relaxing to sift and dig in the sand?  Maybe I have seen t he benefits of sand play and want our patients to have this special treat? Whatever the reason, we had been given a very generous gift from a stateside VBS. Of course I had a bit of a wish list as did others that work with our kids. This was at the TOP! I started asking questions where one might purchase a sand table her in the PIs. I started looking online and just brainstorming. L had the brilliant idea of having one made! Brilliant to me, but some what obvious, I guess. So, I went into dream mode......needed to be wheel chair accessible, just the right size for little arms to reach in, deep enough, mobile, colorful and inviting.

C, our Facilities Manager, listened to my list and by the next morning he had drawn up an amazing plan. He hired a carpenter to bring the plan to reality. Unfortunately the project was put on hold when  the carpenter went missing (please pray that he would return to his family). Hmmmm, so what to do now?  C recruited our awesome  maintenance man, A, to finish the project and that he did! Look at this amazing paint job ta boot! I am thrilled. They exceeded my expectations!

It took more effort than your would think to find sand. C was diligent and finally found some at a local pet store. Funny when you live on a island and the kind of sand you want is not allowed to be taken from the beach!  Today, C greeted me with a huge smile and the news  that the sand was IN the table. Off to the store I went to find a few sand toys. I found exactly what I wanted.

My little buddy, J and I broke it in today!      

 This is going to be such a treat at TCH! I love our one of a kind sand table. What a fun distraction....playing with sand inside, while healing up from surgery or while doing physical therapy. Most wonderful of all? The many smiles and joy that I am anticipating. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


Oh, the fruit! I just love the fruit and what I love even more is the surprise of finding a new fruit. The Philippines is full of them. Check some of them out here. This past year was full of fruit gifts. I guess friends are starting to catch on, it must be my love language? They may be my favorite kind of gift. Mangosteen, pomelo, lanzones and the latest.....balimbing. 

 This is not the first time I have tasted this (It is also known as star fruit) BUT this is  the first time I have been given such pretty, yellow/orange ones.  The giver suggested sprinkling them with salt as he said it would bring out the flavor. I decided just to try them as they were......they had a very subtle taste, sort of pear like? L says it is not like anything he has tasted before. I guess they just taste like star fruit! They were very juicy and just oh so pretty. SO wonderful getting little surprises and trying new things.