Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random things

I love carrying my camera everywhere. I have one stashed in the car and one in my purse and of course a nice “grown up” one at home. There are so many things that I see that just make me laugh or bring a smile to my face. Here are a few recent ones that I just could not help but share.


If  you can’t tell, those are huge hogs getting a ride to who knows where? Maybe the butcher?? They were not squealing or squirming…so they were probably blissfully unaware of their fate?

IMG_3639  IMG_3640

This is at our favorite place to get a Filipino favorite, Halo Halo. They are quite creative with their signage. Took me awhile to read “Fud Treyn” as “Food Train”. Don’t laugh, I can be blissfully unaware like the pigs above. I saw another the other day…”Kini Rogers”…ha ha, I guess it was a play off of Kenny Roger’s Fried Chicken?

IMG_8182  IMG_8183

Not sure if this one needs an explanation?? How do things like this happen? Luckily, no injuries! Reminded me of our trip to the coast of Benin when we lived in Niger BUT those trucks had fallen over into ditches. No ditch here!


This sculpted sign is so interesting. Love the creativity here. Each letter was crafted with things that Davao is known for….D is a durian the A is an orchid the V is an eagle the second A is Mount Apo and the O, a pomelo!


We have had cooler than normal temps with lots of wind. I am LOVING it! Sorry for those stateside who are freezing. Quite pleasant here at the moment. There have been quite a few days when you can see the mountains clearly. The top is usually masked with clouds. Just makes me smile, it is so beautiful.

IMG_3642  IMG_3597

Lastly, there is our sweet rambunctious pup, Freckles. Her awkward body makes me laugh…long and lanky.  Just look at the silly way she sits on her bottom….or on the side of her bottom. and Oh yeah, check out her long nose, which apparently she thinks is actually shorter than it is!