Monday, June 19, 2017


I am on what does that mean? More TIME to do stuff that I do not usually do. More TIME to see family and friends. More TIME to go places. But what I love the most more TIME to slow up and just do not much of anything...  THINK! So much on my mind and I do not even know where to start thinking? I actually "blog" in my head when I walk, complete with catchy things to say and even considering pictures to use to make things a bit more interesting. Then I get home and well, I forget or have other things to do. I am out of my routine. TIME is different at the moment. I think about  how to really use my time wisely and appreciate the people and things around me. My life seems to be changing very quickly, another child "out of the nest" and well, just realizing that things will never be completely the same again. Not sure what the "same" would look like anyway? I have blogged about seasons and change in the past, so I will not revisit those topics. I guess I just needed to get some thoughts out of my head to stop the blockage?

I am content but I want to plan. Enjoying the moment while learning from the past and having hope for the future. So interesting for me to ponder....TIME marches on.

Sometimes I want time to go quicker when I am looking forward to something. Seems like time just creeps. But then when I am looking at how quickly my kids are maturing, or want to savor a moment, I want it to slow way down and then there is the time you can never get back. Time well spent....what does  that look like?? I think about being intentional ALOT. Whether it is taking a few minutes to connect with someone or 45 minutes to reconnect, it is important to me. I try not to rush around and be busy, yes life is full. But it is possible. I love listening to music and so many times I am just stuck singing a song over and over. The song, "Gone" that Switchfoot sings really resonates with me and on their newest release they sing a song called "Live It Well", sometimes it feels like they are reading my mind!! I am sure that there are many people pondering the same things as me. I just want to be a great guardian of my time, making sure that my days here on earth matter. That impact made will live on and on and has an eternal  investment. Maybe this is just how you think as you age. Honestly I feel like I am still 22!! I am so thankful for this time to reflect and enjoy a change of atmosphere, but am really thinking about the future and want to make sure my TIME is well spent. Time is something quite wonderful and a commodity not to be ignored!