Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Lady of Victory

Last evening, we had a sweet treat. Our friends from Our Lady of Victory Training Center for the Handicapped paid us a visit and brought some Christmas Cheer. OLV has been an awesome partner here in Davao. They actually have their training center on the Island Garden City of Samal (a quick ferry ride away).  They are "differently-abled".  For example, I remember meeting Ernie a legless swimmer. He went to the para Olympic games! Amazing this little orphaned boy had such vision and drive! I am inspired by the tenacity and joy. I just love to visit there, what a wonderful place and wonderful people. OLV has helped house many of our patients that could not afford to make the many trips home and back to the hospital. They provided them a place to stay and regular trips for PT and follow ups.I wish that I had a video because pictures just do not do their visit justice.


 It was fun to watch Princess sing and stand so straight and proud. She started to wiggle a bit and will be dancing soon, I am sure. 

To top the evening off, everyone sand to Dr Reyes. It was his birthday! 

Gifts were exchanged between Tebow CURE and OLV. I am sure that the partnership will only grow as the years go by. So thankful for them and how they love people. They are great to work with and something wonderful to be around.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


It may seem odd, but my favorite day of the week is Thursday! I woke up early today and just knew it was going to be a fantastically full fun day and I was not disappointed! Since opening the hospital, Thursday has been my favorite day. I just love our charity clinics....tons of kids to meet and play with. I lavish the guests with plenty of bubbles and spend so much of the day smiling. 

Seems like every Thursday there is some sort of surprise. Today there were several! I wish I had pictures of EVERYTHING! 

My day started with a amazing time of worship, scripture and prayer. Our friends from Life Church led us in such a sweet time with Jesus. Immediately following our chapel time, I met the 5th grade class from Faith International Academy in the lobby. They came prepared to encourage and bless our patients.  They did an amazing job as they incorporated singing, guitar, violin, scripture, a story, homemade cards and gifts into their visit. We visited all of the kids who had procedures  this week.

After leaving the wards, we headed upstairs to the charity clinic.  The kids seemed to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy clinic. They were also excited to be invited to the Christmas Party being thrown 
by our own Doc Jun and his sweet wife, Pam. 

The party started with hand dipped Filipino ice cream......durian, ube and chocolate and cotton candy. It was a thrill to have the street vendors bring their bikes upstairs, Hee hee!

There were so many surprises for everyone. We have had a Jollibee party before but this one was even better......Twirly came along with Jollibee. You have to understand, these characters are pretty big. It is sorta like meeting Mickey Mouse.....so much better than Ronald McDonald! There was lots of singing and dancing. Oh the joy!

After Jollibee and Twirly were finished with their greetings, Clown Bern took over. He played lots of games and tied balloons for everyone. The kids were so cute and it was so high energy, loud and fun!

In the lobby, I saw the ice cream man getting off  the elevator with his "cart".  I asked him if I could take a spin and that is what I did! 

I always enjoy seeing our staff have such a wonderful time too. everyone enjoys a good Jollibee party and ice cream is the perfect mid day snack.


Those are some of my Thursday highlights(that I have photos of). The day still included seeing my buddy Ky, shopping with Cyra, Mars and Madel for some very special upgrades for the playroom and finally some wonderful flaming Baked Alaska with my sweetheart. Thursdays are truly something wonderful!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ruby Anne

Yesterday, we had a very special visitor to Tebow CURE Hospital. Ruby Anne and her mother came by just to visit.


 Madel took some time to read the Bible and pray with Ruby Anne and Anne. It was so great to see them. We get quite attached to our patients, as you can imagine.

 It has been an entire year since she had her surgery.

 The hospital is FULL of remembrances of the people we have the privilege to meet and serve. Every time I get off the elevator on the 4th floor of the hospital I am greeted by the large painting of Ruby Anne.  She was a bit shy the first time she saw it.  Ruby Anne does not smile all the time, but she is so peaceful and gracious. I love watching she and her mother together.

You see, Ruby Anne was our very FIRST patient.  Something wonderful indeed.