Wednesday, August 2, 2017

3's the perfect # for me!

I woke up early this morning and just spent time praying for my kids. Such warm beautiful emotions fill me. They are my favorite people. We had the privilege of all being under one roof this summer.

I love the little things, random hugs, numerous jokes, funny faces, hanging out shooting hoops, movies in the ladder room, skateboards, bikes, guitars, watching the sunset and just those quiet conversations. I love watching them interact with each other and with L. Such unique special relationships. Even though we all seem to going different ways, they will always be a constant  reminder in my life of God's goodness and faithfulness to me. Being their Mom is the best! Looking through pictures I am amazed at the life we have had to this point! From PA, to Jersey and back to PA again...Niger, Philippines and many points in between.

Trip to NZ

Hangin in the park

Blitz in t he Phils


Swimming in the Niger River

Oh, the joy of gingerbread houses!

Jersey kids

Getting  the sheep for the special Nigerien opening!

Watch out, crazy croquet!

Back in PA

Climbing a Baobab tree at Parc W

The good, bad and the ugly. What hardships we have conquered and what interesting things we have seen. The people we have met along the way will forever be part of our story. Such a rich life. And it is just the beginning....talking to my kids I am thrilled to see where life leads. Such optimism, so many dreams! So thankful for these precious gifts! Being a Mom is something truly wonderful!

Thank you for letting me reminisce. It is a new strategy to find JOY in these transitions of family of 5 to 4 now to 3 for the moment....

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  1. These transitional times of our kids growing up and starting their own lives is hard on us moms! Thanks for the reminder to find JOY in the changes...