Sunday, May 28, 2017

Grad's last days at "home"

Well, it happened. Another one of my children is now a HS graduate. This week has been a mix of emotions. The actual day of graduation, I was a little concerned because at closing ceremonies of Ben's last day in high school,  I was feeling like I would burst out in tears just watching him play his guitar for his last worship set at the last chapel of his high school days. 

Yes, I mean to be redundant in my referring to his last high school days and his last experiences doing certain things. Feels so weird. Final. AND yes, I have been through this before. I pulled it together and busied myself with the work of the day.

The graduation ceremony went off and all went to plan.  I spent a lot of the celebration laughing instead of crying. So not how I thought it would be. Let's looks ahead, right?  He was thrilled & the class with all of their fun quirks were just enjoying the moment. 

Being together. I joined right in. Even enjoyed the photo booth.

The celebration continued into the night as the whole class had an all night game night at a friend's  house. All together, just enjoying each other. Not crying and wondering how it would be, but instead enjoying the now, the moment. The great times spent together. I guess when I think of it, I think of how these kids are all going different ways. They are from all over.....some will return to the states, but different states (so happy a couple will  be in PA), others to Korea, Japan, NZ, and well, I think you get the picture. These kids have grown up enjoying each other's uniqueness. They have not always responded perfectly, but they are all who they are... what a rich experience, why not celebrate!

Ben was not home much yesterday and when he was, he was pretty tired.  We did manage to squeeze some Charlie Bravo's from Army Navy & the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie  in before calling it a day. Last moments being together. I lamented a bit as I was wondering how we were going to spend his last day at "home" where WE are together.  Funny because we will be in the states a bit this summer with him, BUT he will not return with us. It will be different after today! I keep putting that word HOME in quotations. I guess because it seems to change in location but it never loses it's meaning. It has always been where we are together, laughing, crying living life. It is a safe place of love and acceptance. The location is changing again. It has been something a bit different since moving Drew out two years ago, but alas we found a new "normal". Another adjustment. But this summer we will all be together again. 

So that brings us to today..... it started at 3:30 AM. Waaaaay too early. And after a late night power outage, we were extra tired.

We signed up for the Fun Run to benefit the Tebow CURE Hospital. In a moment of weakness B, B and Q agreed to run/walk. Picked Q up at 4 AM and headed to the race. I was the only one ready for Zumba
& loved that the most. So glad no one was taking pictures of that!! So thankful for Marlene's great race pictures so you can get a glimpse of these wonderful people who fill my life with fun.

I just love our staff & partners who joined in! 

 Action shots if my kids?? Well, they were less than enthusiastic this morning. 

Bex sat out due to a trampoline injury and B & Q sporting their blue hair managed to take last place....DEAD last! Their participation did not go as I expected but they are mine and I love them!

Andrew Bray did however finish 2nd for the Men's 5 K! Way to go! Thank  you for the awesome finish! And you even got to have your picture with the weird vitamin guy that looked well, let's just say very happy!

We were pretty tired and lazed around most of the day. Time to pack up! Boy, that did not take as long as I was thinking, although I keep finding things that he forgot to gather. Moving from Africa we purged so many things. So we travel pretty light these days. So weird to think that he packed his life up into one big suitcase with a few things straggling. He will not be the kid starting college with multiple trips from the car to the dorm. 

Last activities included a dinner of Naan & chicken curry while playing Scrabble. Games on Sunday night have continued to be held dear.  I love that about our "normal".  Scheduled fun time together. That will be one thing I miss most, just him being here. BUT He has somewhere else to be.

So tomorrow, we will take Ben to the airport for a fun trip to Oregon (without us). These three will not be back together until, who knows when? 

We will see Ben in a week! Spend June & a bit of July making sure he has all he needs to start on the next leg of his journey. L, B & I will return to the Philippines one more boy short. The 5 of us will not be back  "home" together until Christmas. Just feels so final, and I am not quite sure how I am feeling about that? I just know that there are wonderful things to come & forward motion is good! So thankful for these precious kids that God has entrusted me with. Even as I finish this post up, I can hear Ben & Becca laughing and playing Kirby Air Ride like they have so many times before.  Something quite wonderful! 

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