Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Last week I had the opportunity to get out of the city. Being a country girl at heart this is so refreshing to me. The air is cooler, the colors more vibrant. The roads a bit less crowded. We left early for Buda which is in the Marilog District, about a 2 hour drive. I was driving and therefore do not have many pics of the journey, but here is one that I took during our visit. For some reason I just love it.....

Is it because Google Photos Assistant "stylized it"? Nah, although I do like it. I just think it speaks of a simpler life, slowing down. I only took a short walk around the German Hospital that we were visiting but found other beautiful things.

Slowing down and enjoying the natural world around me is oh so good for me. I go to the gym in our neighborhood a few times a week.  It is open air and the owner has taken care to make it a tranquil place. I like to go when no one else is there. Today, I did not even use my Ipod. I just enjoyed the sounds of the water features, the singing of the birds and my own heavy breathing....ha ha ha. Joking! I was thrilled to see a Kingfisher come and gather something to eat out of a near by tree. He made quite a few trips and I just marveled at his beautiful plumage. What a gift. 

 It is a beautiful place. Many beautiful diverse plants, palm trees out the front. I am not sure how many different species of trees the Philippines has, but there are many! My favorites are the Plumeria. Right in my view, white & pink. We called them Frangapani in Niger where we used to live. They are gorgeous!

I love having reminders to take time to slow down, watch the Kingfisher & smell the plumeria, even hang a bit of laundry. Simple things in life are something wonderful!

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